Resoling Climbing Shoes

Delay 15 to 20 days

Resoling Climbing Shoes

SOeScalade resole your climbing shoes with a large choice of rubber :
C4 Five Ten, Onyx Five Ten, XS-Grip Vibram, XS-Edge Vibram, XS-Flash Vibram

 1 pair
 2 pairs
 3 pairs
 From 4 pairs
 22€  20€ / pair
 20€ / pair
 19€ / pair

Shipping costs are based on weight and sending country.
For Climbing Clubs, contact us

Front Coating

Front coating is the rebuilding of the front part of the climbing shoe with thin rubber (2mm) which protects the tip of your climbing shoe.

Look out : The front coating can be done only with a resoling !